Monday, July 9, 2012


Even though L and I had most of last week off, we worked all week. And when I say work, I mean organized our entire house, made a headboard with nailhead, painted two consoles, cleaned out our guest bedroom and made an ottoman. I'm tired just thinking about it and we totally got in bed at 9:30 on multiple nights. We did manage to squeeze in dinners at our favorite restaurants, multiple 4th celebrations with good friends, pool time every day and a trip to the farmers market.
 I did get around to 'organizing' my favorite baubles as well. I love looking at all my favorites every morning. I was also so excited to add these 3 stella and dot pretties below to my rotation. I won a giveaway from Annette's facebook page and having been wearing one of the three pairs almost every day. And I look at how pretty the boxes they came in are, I don't want to throw them away!

How was your fourth?


  1. I keep some of my jewelry in dishes as well.
    Love your baubles:)
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
    x, anna

  2. Those multi-colored, Aztecish earrings look just like you :) I need to get to organizing my jewelry is a mess!

  3. I'm kind of tired just listening to everything you guys accomplished! Yay for being productive! My fourth was a lot less busy, but I ate some good bbq so there's that! haha

  4. Love the green serenity earrings, wear them all the time:)

  5. It sounds like you guys were insanely productive! Love how you displayed the jewels, gorgeous!

  6. Such a good Fourth! Love how you organized your baubles. So pretty and vintage looking!

  7. I love those multicolored earrings! They actually remind me of the image in your header! So perfecto.

  8. Wow! that sounds like a busy and productive week! Would love to see pics of all your hard work:)


  9. I just started following your blog & i love it.
    this year i am trying to make my dreams come true

    follow back please & thank you <3
    xo, kristin noel


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