Monday, July 30, 2012


 I never get tired of that view. Over the weekend, Luke and I headed down to Charleston to spend some time with some dear friends on the beach.  We ate Fresh Market ham, guryere and fig sandwiches and just hung out all day in the water. We left the beach just in time for dinner and to watch one of the hugest storms I've ever seen roll in... and this gorgeous sky was the aftermath.
 We played in the water with this and watched all the wind surfers and paddleboarders... side note: Have any of you tried it? We really want paddleboards and I would love some input
We sang Zac Brown way too loud (and off key for me) on the way home. His new CD is really good!
Did ya'll have a good weekend?
(photos via my instagram. acreativedayblog)


  1. Looks like an amazing weekend! We have family there as well and LOVE Charleston! Great pics.

  2. Clay has a paddleboard. Let us know the next time you are down here and he'll meet you out there.

  3. Oh... and he also sells them. :-)

  4. I tried to paddle board and LOVED it. Even though I was in the rough ocean and fell off a trillion times, it was still really fun. So excited to try it again.

  5. I've always wanted to go to Charleston! Love that first picture, gorgeous!

  6. What pretty pictures! I'm sure you guys had tons of fun!


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