Monday, August 20, 2012

Around Here

me and the bro
The past two weeks in life have been crazy good. I've slept at my house a total of 4 nights in the past 17. My brother came home to visit from being deployed in the Air Force, I hadn't seen him since Thanksgiving so it was just a wonderful time all around which included kayaking in the mountains, lots and lots of pool volleyball and glasses of wine on the hammock, sunburn,  lots of family and friend time and just a generally wonderful life. Throw in a work trip and a babysitting stint and my laundry is now covering my entire house ankle deep.
kayaking spot

The past two weeks on the blog have been one of my favorite, with some of the most stylish ladies I know breaking down their style and allowing me to just sit back and enjoy all the inspiration. A huge hug to all you fabulous ladies.
The next week on the blog will be great, including a pretty sweet giveaway coming your way.

Last week I was over at one of my favorite blogs... recently, sharing what I've been wishing for. Check it out!

 via amber..miles redd
I've been obsessed with this room...
and this look.
via Anna . (Couldn't find original source)
And living this.

How have ya'll been? Its been forever since I got to catch up on ya'lls blogs...I know I missed so much!


  1. yay for crazy good weeks :) you deserve it, pretty lady! thanks for the little shout-out too, btw! enjoy your week :) xoxo {av}

  2. loving it all today, as always! I like your side bar clean up too! Looking good lady!

  3. i was just at that very starbucks last week while visiting family!! let's definitely try and connect next time i'm in sc.:) love keeping up with your life and style on your blog, you're just fabulous. love you!!

  4. So thankful for the time ya'll got to spend with Bradley!

  5. All has been well Eileen...glad everything is great with you too! :) xoxo

  6. How fun that you got to spend time with your brother -- it sounds like a wonderful past few weeks! Loved reading through your She's Got Style series, so many great girls. :)

  7. I'm obsessed with that look too ;) And I loved your post on Emily's blog!


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