Wednesday, August 8, 2012

She's Got Style: A Newfound Treasure

Hey there! It's Anna from A Newfound Treasure here, and today, I am excited to be a part of the She's Got Style series. Here is a glimpse of my style:
Day: I'm all about being comfortable and cute during the day. I've been wearing the hell out of my boyfriend jeans recently, because they're just so transitional. They pair well with sandals, flats, and heels so they're not only good from day to night but year-round.
Hair: Having 2 young boys in the house diminishes the amount of "me time" that I'm allotted to get myself together everyday; therefore, half of the time I'm working with air dried hair. Great, right? Simple, effortless updos can make me feel like I actually give a crap about how I look. Quick and easy is the key.
Night: I feel like I tend to get trendier for an evening out. Add a little leather, a little sparkle and more dramatic eye makeup, and I'm ready to go. 
day - hair - night
Can't wait to follow along for the rest of this series. There are some really great bloggers that will be sharing their style here. Still trying to figure out why I was included in the group :) Thanks for having me, Eileen!


  1. Anna has such great style and love her idea of the easy and messy. So glad that is in now!

  2. Love this series! Anna is one of my favorites, so it's great to see her tell us a little more about her style. And I'm all about the easy and messy hair (though mine is usually in a bun...).


  3. Just found your lovely blog! Going to poke around some more ;D
    Lilac and Grey

  4. Love love love Anna's post, and I relate to it so so much! Even though I would love to wear heels all the time, I'm all about comfort too!


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