Tuesday, September 18, 2012


making me happy...
1. fall in my closet
2.remember to look up
3. my favorite latte from gourmet shop... saturday morning date
4. ikat makes note writing so much more fun
5. switching things up
6.I've had this going in my stove for a week, add windows open and heaven.

instagram: acreativedayblog


  1. envious of your blouse collection! Love the ikat notecards, so pretty! And those pillows are awesome! Going to check out that last picture. Looks like something easy peasy to get my house smelling fresh!

  2. I definitely need to boil some of that on the stove! I hate the musty smell my apartment gets when we're forced to keep it all shut up!

  3. i am so in love with your pillows! where do you get them from lady!?

  4. I'd very much like to add those pillows to my living room!


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