Monday, September 17, 2012

What blogs are you reading?

The support we all get from this blogging community is pretty special. Each comment means so much to me and I love 'meeting' new bloggers. I am constantly adding  new blogs to my blog roll and here are a few I can't live without these days...
1. I found Abbey from design scouting through a cup of jo. and have been compulsively stalking her archives
2. Jess isn't new, (but she changed the name of her site so that counts right?) she always inspires and reminds me what an awesome platform blogging really is. And following her wedding in paris has been amazing. 
3. Gal meets glam is a newish to me blog.  Gorgeous style
4. Ok, so with a c.h isn't a new blog to me, but I can't get enough of Christin. She's got a killer sense of humor and works for baublebar. enough said.
5. le catch . A fashion editor shows you how to mix high and low. I'm obsessed

So what blogs that you can't live without? Share so I can stalk some more blogs :-)


  1. Hmm, I love so many, but Miss Moss comes to mind ;)

  2. You are TOO kind! I love Leah over at Freutcake. It's so much fun and for recipes that are amazing I love A Cozy Kitchen!

  3. Love Christin! She is hilarious. This Little Street is also a good one and Sacramento Street! :)

  4. One of my favorite blogs is Ashlee's from Where My Heart Resides - she has such beautiful writing & beautiful photos - def. worth checking out!

  5. well, YOUR blog is a recent addition to my blogroll, but let's see, others i love...cornflake dreams, bijou & boheme, home-styling, live simply by annie, the now stylebook. i could go on for days!

  6. Jess is definitely one of my favorite blogs! Also, Be Up & Doing (Allie Lehman) and Mimi & Meg. Love them both!

    Thanks for sharing some of your favorites :)


  7. Oh my gohs = there are so many! Second Street East, Peppermint Bliss, Adorn Yourself Accordingly, Three Pink Dots, Natalie Merrilyn... the list goes on!

    and then of course, there's mine!

    Hope you find some new ones to love!
    xoxo, Emily

  8. a classic prob
    great workout blog

  9. Heather from DowntownGirlSeptember 17, 2012 at 9:38 PM

    I love MadeByGirl, 79ideas and Two Clouds in the Sky. This last one is relatively new and it's the creation of a very stylish mother and daughter team. Wish I got on that well with my mother, I just cannot fathom the idea of having a blog with her!!!


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