Tuesday, October 2, 2012

boy talk

 One of my favorite blogging series right now is Victoria's man behind the blog. If you haven't read it, you are totally missing out. Such a great idea for a series and I can't wait for the next one!  It turns out, Luke isn't alone in complaining in not being able to eat our food before I instagram it and 'why do I have to take 10000 pictures of you for your profile picture?' Maybe they can start a blogging men's club and talk about all of us. 

Luke's thoughts:
-  I get scared when Eileen says " honey, I saw my bloggy friend post about this (insert anything here) and I totally want to try it now." Exception: I am totally on board with trying any of the recipes that you find floating around the blogosphere.
-  Chevron pumpkin, really?
-  How many pictures do we have to take before I can eat this?  

So round of discussion, what does your significant other think of your blog?
Comment with your answers and I'll post a roundup next week!


  1. "I feel like it will always be on to the next project. Can we just finish one before you are talking about the next?!"

  2. That's too funny, my Husband feels the exact same way.

  3. i know right?! my boyfriend is in the same boat!! haha. I absolutely LOVE how Victoria thought of such a great series :)


  4. Haha this is hysterical... and so true!! My fiancee always says stuff like that! X

  5. Wait man behind the blog is my fav blogging series right now!

  6. Hahaha Jesse won't let me take ANY pictures of him or with him and just wants to "live in the moment" "why do we have to take pictures of everything we doooo?" but I've always been a picture lover, even before the blog. It captures a moment in time! Silly boys.

  7. So hilarious - this happens with us all the flipping time :)

    Luke's not so good at taking photos of me, so I always make him re-take pictures, he rolls his eyes at me every time, too.

  8. I think that's a Beaver/Hunter thing.

    When I start talking to Clay about Pinterest projects and things to do around the house he just rolls his eyes. I asked him his opinion on something yesterday and he told me I could paint the entire house bright pink and he wouldn't really care.

  9. So funny! & true :-) Although if my hubs cooked it, he's happy to have it documented & posted!

  10. My boyfriend is pretty supportive about it. He does get annoyed when I'm glued to my phone instagramming/tweeting/blogging while we are out to dinner or something like that. And I don't think I've ever just sat and watched a movie with him without being on my laptop. :-/

  11. This is so much fun! My poor boyfriend gets annoyed when I stop to take instagram photos of everything...he deserves a blog post in his own words as well {or 10...}

    Thanks for sharing this fun idea!


  12. ha! this is great...so funny. my husband is slowly, but surely "getting it." he's understanding the type of photos i want and no longer makes snide comments when i want to take photos of taco salad or beer in frosting mugs. ;) plus, we just got our "good" camera fixed, so we're learning new photo techniques...together! :)


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