Friday, October 19, 2012

some layering action

 via liz's pinterest
 aritzia via pinterest
I've been majorly getting some fall layering action, so if you see me around town in a straight rip-off of these looks, I apologize in advance.

TGIF, for real. 

Succulents I can't kill? Sign me up.  

Am I the only one who didn't take advantage of the shopbop sale? Cause I'm kinda feeling like I am.

Really craving some of these. Like right now. 

Loving this outfit by kendi, of course. The girl can do no wrong. 

Yesterday was my third anniversary of this :-) And we are currently planning a little mini getaway to Ashville, any pointers?

So excited for av... congrats on closing girl!

Around here...
Had a great time breaking down how I stay creative for pve design...(6. wine is my favorite) still loving my simple gold leaf leopard DIY and having sweet Katie over.    


  1. Layering is one of the best things of fall! :)

  2. I am layered up today. Its chilly!!!!

    Have a great weekend!!!

    If you have a chance, enter my jewelry giveaway:

  3. Thanks for all the links! LOVE THEM

  4. I could use some more big chunky sweaters - those are beautiful (and sound so comfy right about now!)


  5. love layering cozy knits this time of year.. great inspiration pics!


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