Tuesday, November 6, 2012

work it out with lululemon

I'm thinking about jumping on the lululemon train. I've never invested in it before, I've always stuck to my target mixed with a healthy dose of patagonia. But everyone is raving about it and I want to know, does it make a difference?
I'm looking at these, but $82 seems like a lot for yoga pants. I'm excited to start at a new yoga studio this week and I'm trying to decide if I should spring for them. 

p.s. My sweet friend Anna, the artist from lona de anna (I used her print in my bar area) is having a one day sale, a whopping 40% off everything in her shop! Check it out here. I might have to scoop up this one...


  1. I mean...I have the stuff but I don't know if it's life-changing. Then again, I'm probably not the girl to ask :)

  2. you must be a really fast runner with those nifty shoes...

  3. My sister handed down to me an old pair of her yoga pants and then bought me a tee and a tank. I have loved all the pieces I've been given. Someone once said Lululemon is like Spanx for the gym. So true! I now own a reformed "Champion" from Target workout wardrobe.

  4. I love how Lindsey puts it - totally spanks for the gym...another reason I love it, the pants are SO versatile, they're my secret for wearing yoga pants to work!


    p.s. decided to continue the East Coast Love on the blog and will be donating $$ to the Red Cross for all comments I get this week!

  5. Hi, I am a cheap-ass grad student but I have decided I'd rather buy quality stuff that lasts versus going through crappier stuff and having to buy more often. I can't comment if it is better, but they sure do have some comfy as hell fabrics. The sports bras are only like $40 and I have put them through the wringer and they last, so I love those.

    I recently signed up for a half, and with cold weather coming I needed some updates on my 1990s track pants. I figure if getting myself some cuter workout clothes makes working out a little more fun, I should do it...

  6. I totally need to jump on the lulumon train!

  7. I got my first lululemon piece 4 years ago and it shows no signs of wear whatsoever… love it. Get some!

  8. I got my first lululemon piece 4 years ago and it shows no signs of wear whatsoever… love it. Get some!

  9. I think whatever you get from Lulu will last you forever. The fabrics are amazing and they do really good with designs, so is totally worth it!

  10. Love lululemon! I used to work there {and ironically took Carly Haslee's job when she left the store, haha} and there's nothing more comfortable and functional than luluemon.


  11. I am a full blown Lulu Addict and here's why: I work out every single day so my workout gear gets abused. It's used and washed over and over again and I tend to really like just a few pieces. I have always picked up cute stuff from random places like Target, TJ Maxx, etc. but after use they unravel and fall apart. I started with one pair of Lulu crops and went from there. I wore them for different things: running, pilates, yoga, barbell class, to see where they worked best. After a year of wearing them, I committed and threw out all my old stuff. The other legitimization for me is that I wear this stuff on the weekends and after I get home from work. It's my uniform for errands, groceries, and lounging. It doesn't hurt that it makes you ass look as good as Beyonce's either...

    There is a blog called Lulu Addict that has amazing reviews of every single piece that is issued. It's very helpful with styling your workout looks as well.


  12. I have a Lulu tank and I love it! It really is flattering. I would buy a piece or two and try them out first but I have a feeling you will love it! If I had a lot of money to spend I would invest in a ton! It really is cute and comfortable.


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