Friday, December 7, 2012

DIY Christmas // recently

Hello all!  I'm Emily from Recently, and I'm excited to share not one, but two Christmas DIY's with you today.  I've been thinking of trying both of these projects for a while now, so Eileen's awesome series gave me the perfect opportunity.

Our first project is a fabric covered tray for gifting to a friend.  I used some leftover
Michael Miller fabric I had from my DIY candle sleeve project, a cheap melamine tray I found at Target, and clear gloss Mod Podge for this easy makeover.  Here are the simple steps:

Almost any type of tray would work here, and the fabric options are limitless as well.  Just remember that if your tray is extra colorful, it might show through you fabric once the Mod Podge is applied.  A quick coat of spray paint before the other steps would remedy that situation.

Isn't it the cutest?  Now your bestie will have just the right spot for displaying her favorite jewels, or whatever else she adores.  She'll love it!

Now that we've got our friends taken care of, let's give ourselves a little treat!  A Kate Spade inspired gold dot ornament should do the trick don't you think?  For this project, I used
Martha Stewart gold transfer sheets, a 3/4 inch craft hole punch, clear decoupage gloss, clear craft glue and clear plastic ornaments.  Here's how to get the look:

Most kinds of ribbon will work here, but make sure the craft glue won't show through once it's dry.   Also, choose ornaments that have two separate sides, so they can be taken apart to glue your dots.  The key to getting your dots to look just right, is to gently place them on the ornament without pressing too hard.  If they're covered with plenty of thin decoupage glue, they will stick without having any creases or bubbles. 

The sparkly dots will shine with the reflection of the lights on your tree, making it the prettiest hand made ornament ever.  At least until next year!

Eileen, you unleashed my DIY monster with this series, and I loved every minute of it.  Thanks so much for having me!


Julia {Pawleys Island Posh} said...

so great! Love love love this series!

Anna @ IHOD said...

Totally going to try these. How fun! Simple and glam:)
Have a great weekend girls!

Richmond Thrifter said...

Love this! So simple but so classy!

Emily | Recently said...

I'm telling you, there's nothing like a good ol' diy to get you in the Christmas spirit! My house is covered in glitter and ribbon, all thanks to your series Eileen! :)

Beth of designPOST Interiors said...

Emily you delivered as that you keep it simple for us ADD people!

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

Ah I LOVE both!! And I have to add, I have painted everything in my house in gold thanks to you Eileen! I'll share it all next week! ;)

madeleine said...

SO easy and perfect for hostess' gifts! I know what I'll be doing while football is on this weekend

April said...

These are so cute! I love that tray. said...

Hands down my favorite holiday blog series so far! Love that you showcased DIY projects we can all personalize for our friends and family! Lovely gifts ladies!

Carly Holstein said...

Can you all just move in with me and decorate slash DIY my house?

k thanks!


Lindsay {LL Styling} said...

These are both adorable! I think I might have to attempt them!

xoxo, L

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