Thursday, May 31, 2012

Some pleats for your Friday

I recently got two pleated skirts like the one above and can't wait to style them like this for the summer. Who doesn't need more pleats in their life?

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She loves

I was over at sweet Michaela's blog yesterday sharing what I've been loving and not loving these days. Check it out here for some more kilim goodness.
And Anna was inspired by my roundup of solid canvases to paint her canvas in her breakfast room solid.. and I love it! Check out the inspiration here and her project here

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Everyday Series: Pawleys Island Posh

Julia is definitely one of my favorite blogging bff's, and if you read her blog, I'm sure you agree. She is a fabulous photographer, witty, has a gorgeous home and two of the cutest kids ever.

Hey lovelies.  I'm Julia and I'm so thrilled to be here on Eileen's blog this morning.  
A creative day is on my short list of morning must-reads.
What a fun series, I'm so happy she asked me to participate.

Everyday Happy: House Edition
My living room.  
Our current house is pretty small compared to our house in Pawleys so for better or for worse, this room is where it all goes down.
It's home base for me and the babes during the day and it's my designated spot for drinking wine and watching bravo in the evenings.  I'm pretty minimalist in our bedrooms so it's the only room that is full of special items, photographs, and collected memories.

Everyday Happy: Closet Edition
I'm in love with my new j.crew bauble necklace I scored off ebay.
I can't wait to pair it with my favorite coral striped silk top for drinks with the girls this weekend.

Everyday Happy: Morning Edition
Okay, I'm not gonna lie.  These sweet faces are literally what gets me out of bed in the morning.
Whether it's Tagg's soft wah-wah-wah or Wells' loud "ALL DONE BED.  MOMMY!!!", there is no alarm clock needed in my house.  
But, like everyone else, coffee is what keeps me going in the morning.
I don't know how non-coffee drinkers do it.
I need my morning fix.

Everyday Happy: Relax edition 
The water.  It's my happy place.

Everyday Lust: Shopping Edition 
A new kitchen.  
Our is in desperate need of an overhaul and I spend hours daydreaming about transforming it into the heart of our home.

Everyday Lust: Pin Edition
This outfit.  I'm obsessed.  It's my perfect look.
This room.  Perfection.
I look at like six times a day.  Today it was at least eight times.
I keep trying to figure out how to make my room look like this.

Everyday Lust: Travel Edition 

Confession:  my only experience traveling abroad was a Spring Break trip the Bahamas.
Lame.  I know.
I dream about Paris.  The fashion, the food, the coffee and baguettes in quaint little cafes.  The antique markets and art galleries.
Le Sigh.

Everyday Read: Blog Edition
sadie & stella
Look Linger Love
Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers
All real life friends I've made through Blogging.  Loves.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I'm normally a straight red wine drinker, but these 3 ingredient NY Times cocktails might just be changing my mind... how yummy does that fresh cherry and lime rum cocktail look? Perfect summer drink.

Monday, May 28, 2012


I love a good girly novel to read while I'm soaking up the sun... and Baby Proof is on my Kindle today. I'm close to being finished and I need suggestions as to what to download next? I have heard so much about 50 Shades of Grey... have you read it?

Friday, May 25, 2012


I'm heading down to a week at the beach and dreaming of laying out all day followed by date night that includes good food, a lot of wine, and something easy to wear like this ASOS dress. 
Who else is heading to the coast or has fun plans for the holiday?
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Thursday, May 24, 2012


A few details from my summer closet that make me happy. Lots of bright colors and soft materials, and of course my favorite new baubles in turquoise and coral.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

winner winner

 I was so blown away by all the entries for our monogram necklace giveaway, over 230! Thanks guys for being so awesome :-)
And congrats to lucky number 92 ( Taylor from Its the Little Things) for winning... aren't you all jealous?!
Thanks again to  Eliza Jay Charm for sponsoring the giveaway, you guys rock!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Everyday Series: The Zhush

I want one of everything from Zhush.. Sue has curated a gorgeous shop that constantly makes me add everything to my wish list, and I'm so happy to have her over today! (And can we just talk about how awesome that bar room is?! Love it!)
Everyday Happy: House Edition
This sweet little corner of the room we call the "bar room" makes me so happy! Aside from the fact that this is where we store the booze...The light in this room is very serene, it took forever to get this room set up right, and now that we did it's one of my favorite spots in our house.

Everyday Happy: Closet Edition
These Tkees are making me very happy! I love everything about summer, this includes ditching my big ole' snow boots for light weight little flip flops. Given the choice, I'll always choose casual clothes over dressy, and jeans over dresses. I'll be wearing these every chance I get this summer.

Everyday Happy: Morning Edition

Not the most original answer, but coffee is it for me. I'm so grumpy in the morning, every's the only thing making me happy.  I literally can't recall the last time I even attempted to start the day without it, I'm going to guess this was in college, but then, that shouldn't really count, because my days probably started around noon...

Everyday Happy: Relax edition 

Any night that I can stay home and relax is a good one.  The most relaxing evenings are either curled up on the couch with my kids watching The Middle and Modern Family, or after the kids have gone to bed, watching all my guilty pleasure reality shows...pretty much anything on Bravo.

Everyday Lust: Shopping Edition 
These Zara pumps! They don't sell them anymore and now they just haunt me...I had the chance to buy them when they were available, and hemmed and hawed and now they are gone! Bring. These. BACK!

Everyday Lust: Pin Edition
Pinterest makes me so happy. Especially when I get to see design elements that are new to me. Like these fab lanterns , cool lucite hardware and that to die for stainless steel stove hood!

Everyday Read: Blog Edition
This one of course! There are so many, it's a bit nuts.  My blog roll speaks volumes as to my never growing list of blogs I love. Also, discovering new-to-me blogs is the best, so in an effort not cop out on this one, two new-to-me blogs that I can't get enough of these days are Le Catch and The Daybook.

Thanks for having me over here today! xx, Sue

Monday, May 21, 2012

You Look Great

I love all my blogging friends, I really do. I'm constantly challenged by all your creativeness and you guys seem to know just the right thing to say when I'm having a bad day or just feel uninspired.
That's why I'm asking you, what are your favorite blogs that you turn turn to time and time again for inspiration? (And yes, it can be you!) I'm looking for more blogs to add to my google reader and want to know who pumps you up about life in general...

PS. Sweet Michaela posted about my DIY foyer wall today... check it out

Friday, May 18, 2012

Chambray Summer

In the summer I like wearing something that requires no more thought than grabbing the first two items in my closet to throw over my bathing I sport athletic shorts and a v-neck more than I care to admit.
 I'm always looking for something that gives me that easy look while still being pulled together and I love a navy striped tee with chambray shorts and my favorite neon studs that Mackenzie just blogged about...and those shoes. Yes pls. Definitely a better look then my v-neck :-)
Happy Friday Everyone... I'm off to paint my bedroom and overhaul my closet, so here's to getting organized!
Linking up with Friday's Fancies.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I love: Lonny Edition

The new Lonny has us all swooning... and I had to pull my favorites. OMG, those drapes and that lamp. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rain Flats

With all the rain recently.. these rain flats are looking like a better buy by the minute :-)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm Here

I'm over at Gaby's Vault today participating in one of my all time favorite series... her "In My Makeup Bag" series. Head over here to check it out, and while you are at it... check out her gorgeous Etsy shop, its one of my all time favorites!

Everyday Series: Savvy Home

I have a serious girl crush on Gabrielle. Her blog is chock full of gorgeous images and witty text... and if it isn't already a daily read for you... she should be!

Hi everyone, Gabrielle from Savvy Home, really excited to be part of this lovely Everyday series. Let's have a look at what I'm loving these days...

Everyday Happy: House Edition
I just moved in, so there aren't many places in my house that look as they should yet, but I'm really looking forward to setting up this little room which will become my office and dressing room.

Everyday Happy: Closet Edition
My favorite "special" piece is this Dries Van Noten wrap sequin top picked up for a song at a consignment store! As for everyday items, my Jerome Dreyfuss leather jacket, Tara Jarmon shoes and J.Crew necklace are favorites. Paired with jeans and any top, it always looks great.

Everyday Happy: Morning Edition
I'm completely useless in the morning without coffee, and by coffee I mean latte. But my ideal morning includes a good read (paper, blogs, magazine), and a lovely healthy breakfast outside in the sun.

Everyday Happy: Relax edition 
The beach (or any body of water) has a therapeutic effect on me and makes me completely relaxed. Whether I go for a run, swim or just go and watch the sunset, I feel all the problems of the world disappear at the beach.

Everyday Lust: Shopping Edition 
Right now, I'm lusting for many things, but more specifically, I love this navy cabinet from Crate & Barrel paired with the classic La Fiorentina fabric (let's pretend it's in pillow form). As for fashion, I have a mad crush on these super high Louboutin heels and a new pair of jeans from MiH.

Everyday Lust: Pin Edition
 I'm slightly obsessed with how good Kristen Stewart's hair looks in that photo. I'm also loving the pastels, soft stripes and grey grasscloth wallpaper in the photo on the right. I'm definitely keeping this color palette for a future project.

Everyday Lust: Travel Edition 
It seems as though I'm not the only one, but my number one destination right now is Greece.

Everyday Read: Blog Edition
Vmac + Cheese : For recipes, fashion and other non-interior related goodness
Note to Self : For breathtaking graphics, inspirational quotes and pretty pictures
Marcus Design : For some of the best interior inspiration around
The Aestate : For incredibly sweet watercolor drawings
Design Manifest : For inspiring interior design projects
Simply Smitten : For inspiration from someone with impeccable taste
Because it's Awesome : For all kinds of inspiration from a sweet and talented lady

Thanks for having me Eileen! What a fun series!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Monogram Necklace Giveaway

Every women needs a monogram necklace in their closet, and today the Etsy shop Eliza Jay Charms is giving away your choice of a vine or a circle monogram necklace in any color to one lucky winner!

Aren't they gorgeous? Lucky you :-)
 Eliza Jay Charms are all handmade in North Carolina, and their website says that "we believe that everything is better monogrammed and personalized" and I have to agree! They offer a lot of custom options and lots of fun colors including ivory, turquoise and yellow. I would have a hard time choosing between the tortoise shell or the blue but visit the shop to check all the colors out! (Don't you think these would make such great bridesmaid's gifts?)

Here's how to win....
1) Leave a comment below
for additional entries... (just leave a separate comment for each)
2) Go check out Eliza Jay Charms on Etsy and add to your favorites.
3)  Like Eliza Jay Charms on Facebook
4) Join or be a member of A Creative Day
5) Like A Creative Day on Facebook
6) Follow me on Twitter
7) Blog, Facebook, or Tweet about this giveaway and let us know you did!
Good Luck Everyone!!
And thanks so much to Eliza Jay Charms, you guys rock!
open only to U.S residents
(Winner will be chosen on Tuesday 22th of May at midnight via

Friday, May 11, 2012

Working Girl Outfit

This is my standard working girl outfit during the summer. Easy silk tee, high waisted skirt and gladiators, simple and easy. I have probably about 20 versions of this outfit in my closet and pull it out on an everyday basis.
 Do you have an outfit that you go to again and again? I'm really curious to see what you lovers wear, whether it be a girly dress or skinny jeans and a blazer... hit me up!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Color Coordinated

This room makes me really happy. That is all. 

I'm heading out to a super busy day at work ,wish  me luck!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Personal Style

I loved Liz's post last week about defining her personal style.. did you see it? It really challenged me to think about how I would define my personal style and also made me see some trends in my wardrobe... like how I always wear aviators and easy layers and have messy hair.
 Easy + Layers

White tee-shirt + maxi skirt


 High waisted skirt + striped tee

 Hair like this daily


 boho details
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