Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DIY distressed jeans

I love my distressed jeans. I've been wearing them for years but really wanted a more skinny pair so I grabbed some old skinnies from my closet and went to work. 
 I looked at a couple of tutorials but ended up just going for it my way. I used the grater to soften down the areas, cut a few slits and used the utility knife to scrape (be careful!) until I liked the look. 
I think I'll be wearing them every day, and more than likely attacking more pairs in my closet.
Have you DIY'd a distressed pair?


  1. I've been needing to do this! I have a few tops that just won't be the same unless paired with distressed denim.

  2. LOVE that you used a zester!


  3. Love. I made some myself in the Australian winter June 2012. So fun and effective.

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