Friday, January 25, 2013

getting my paint on

Paint is one of my all time favorite things. I have a couple of painting projects lined up for this weekend and painting my front door a fun color is one of them. Any guesses as to what color? 

As happy as this made me... I was also thrilled to find that Centsational Girl featured my DIY tray in this post.

Also on the plan is date night at Starbucks, making vegetable soup to warm up this freezing weather, sleeping in, getting the house ready for puppy,  and wearing my DIY distressed jeans every day. Happy Weekend! 


  1. can't WAIT to see your front door color! enjoy your weekend...sounds fun and cozy :)

  2. Love colorful doors. Check out the doors of Dublin for ideas!


  3. I so wish my HOA would let me paint my door a fun color! I'd say pink or navy :)

  4. I must say its is gorgeously creative tray!

  5. sounds like its about to be a fun weekend! can't wait to see what your projects look like!!

    ps following ya :)

    The DayLee Journal"

  6. I'm intrigued... I wonder what color you picked for your front door :)

    You have to show before & after- pics!


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