Friday, January 18, 2013


I'm going to be wearing my new studded booties all weekend now that the temperatures have dropped to 50 degrees from 80 degrees, brrr!

This post makes me really want to go thrifting with Sydney, what about you?

Excited to try Ashley's favorite new app... 

This look.

Around here...

Eating my spinach dip like a champ this week, DIY neon bowl (one of my all time favorite DIYs!), and so glad a lot of liked my post on how to install a pin it button. 

Happy Weekend!


Molly @ Sweet Carolina Wife said...

Those boots are fab! Happy, happy weekend!! :)

Katy said...

She has lots of happy apps on her list. TeuxDeux is well worth the money (I think it's a paid app) like she said. I use it all the time.

Hannah said...

Cutie little booties! I am so confused with the weather here. It's stressful.

katie gavigan said...

you had 80 degree weather recently? that sounds heavenly!! i had missed the 'pin it' instruction post...thanks for the recap!

Kristen { Hello Monday Design } said...

super cute boots! :-)

chelsie moss said...

amazing shoes! love the studs.

ps: def going to check out your spinach dip recipe. YUM :)

x Chelsie (

Alexa said...

OMG. Those are incredible. Love the studs!

Julia | Pawleys Island Posh said...

You are rocking it Eileen!

Amanda said...

Ah! I LOVE these! Need them, now!

Anonymous said...

Where are these from??

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