Wednesday, January 2, 2013

what a year

Recapping 2012 was harder then I thought, so I kept it simple with a few blogging highlights. Such amazing things happened in 2012 for this little space I call a creative day and I am so excited about what is next.
Announced we were buying our first house, closed in record time and moved in. Bought my first big girl rug for the new house and stayed up every night dreaming of ripping out walls.

Loved being able to share my bar cart and DIY ottoman with you. Makes me happy every time I look at it.

Was a big DIY month, with my DIY geometric print scarf featured on small shop, and my DIY gold leaf leopard print tray being my most pinned post of 2012.

Realized how much I love my maxi skirts for fall and ate anything pumpkin as much as socially acceptable. Spent lots of weekends at Clemson tailgating and loved every second of it. 

Was beyond honored to have my bedroom makeover featured on little green notebook, and spent a lot of time pinching myself. 

Recovered from Canada and spent every free moment at the beach or kayaking. 

Discovered Joe Fresh minutes from where Luke was living in Canada and made up for lost time, saw whales and spent my 25 birthday in Canada and had fun pulling my favorite monogrammed items for Summer of Prep

Luke flew back from Canada to meet me at the beach for a week, it was amazing but I cried like a baby when he flew back.  May was a hard month.

Started the Everyday Series and LOVED having my favs over.

My dining room was my favorite room in the house and my major 8 year love affair with Eames is a big reason.

My home tour and a styling consultation by Liz which was amazing. That inspired me to do my first outfit post.

Redesigned my blog and welcomed 2012! 


Julia | Pawleys Island Posh said...

Well 2012 certainly was a good year for your blog and I have a feeling 2013 will knock it out of the park! Love all the glimpse's you shared of your home and can't wait for peeks in the new house! xoxox

Viviana Norden said...

2012 was a great year for you! Your DIY projects are always inspiring and I can't wait to see what new great things 2013 brings for you! xx

Tiffany Leigh Interior Design said...

What a great year! I loved this little round up and remembering each of your posts. Congratulations on 2012 and cheers to an even better 2013, complete with a new house! xo HAPPY NEW YEAR

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

Happy New Year Eileen!

Alexa said...

Yay! Such a good year...and here's to 2013!

christin said...

Yes! Cheers to 2013!

Laura said...

seriously awesome yearly recap lady! congrats on the house---and i LOVE your big girl rug!!

Kristen { Hello Monday Design } said...

So many great highlights. Loving your DIY ottoman ... I would love one for my home. ;-) Happy 2013! Wishing you the best!

Jessie said...

So I have seen bits and pieces of your home all over the blogs/Pinterest. It might be one of my favorites! So excited to find your blog!

Amanda said...

I love this recap! Such a fun way to wrap up a year!

Molly @ Sweet Carolina Wife said...

SO excited that I found your blog! I'm a SC girl living in NYC, so it is a lot of reading all about your pretty SC house! Can't wait to see more of your new place! :)

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