Thursday, February 14, 2013

blogging 2.0

Back in August I posted the question, how do you blog? Are you more of a planning ahead blogger or a day by day? I loved hearing all your comments and I talked about how I wanted to get more of a system in place and I'm here to report back on how I'm doing with that.

Basically I feel 100% better about my blogging system and I think I found the perfect solution for me. This post by sincerely, kinsey was incredible help to blogging with a busy schedule.

1. I've developed consistent topics for my blogging week that stay true to what this blog is all about. Its a plan that keeps me on point but still open whenever inspiration strikes. 

2. Stay on schedule. I know what I love and what I want to cover in a week, and planning it out by day helps me stay focused. A typical week might look like this...
Monday - DIY
Tuesday - recipe / more flexible
Wednesday - fashion, outfit post, wants. etc
Thursday - house update
Friday - weekend links

3. Do it ahead of time.
I have been trying to stay a week or so ahead of my blogging plan. If I plan in advance, it allows me to be creative without being frantic the night before the post is due.

These three things have freed me up to love blogging and not be stressed about creating great content on the fly. 
What do you think, would a blogging system be helpful for you or would you feel constricted?

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  1. I recently started keeping an editorial calendar after reading some tips from the alt summit. I find it helps a lot! Great tips.

  2. I agree - adding weekly features particular to a certain day have definitely encouraged my creativity and taken the stress off!

  3. I don not have a formal system yet but I do try to plan ahead. On Sunday when I work on our family calendar for the week I try yo see what we will be doing that is "blog worthy". This way I have a plan but also flexibility.

    But what do I know, I have only been blogging since November;)

  4. Thanks so much for these tips. I love the idea of planning ahead by a week. That will be so helpful to me to blog more consistently and in a timely manner. Usually, I make a list of things I want to blog about but since most of my posts are about small DIY projects my posting depends a lot on if I am able to finish the project and take nice pictures. Have a great V day!

  5. Like a lot of bloggers, I have a full time job and blog in my free time–which there's not a lot of. It's always a struggle to fit everything in, I'm trying to be better at planning ahead!

    The Glossy Life

  6. I definitely need to get myself on a schedule and PLAN.AHEAD! Some weeks I'm so good at it, others I'm frantic!

  7. I'm still trying to get into a groove. I def plan the week ahead about what I want to do each day. I am very flexible about what the topics will be.

  8. I've started doing something similar and tried to kind of create a schedule of sorts.

    I find the best thing is, writing down my ideas when the inspiration comes and scheduling! I'm always working on next week during this week!


  9. Such good tips. I've recently set a schedule of blogging 3 times a week, but I think the structure of regular topics would be super helpful too. Getting ahead on posts would be great too. Reducing those late night, gotta get it done panic! :)

  10. Great tips! Staying on a schedule is huge and not feeling overwhelmed!

  11. I completely agree with your idea of consistent themes and sticking to a theme each day. great ideas :)

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