Wednesday, February 6, 2013

getting great photos (how to)

I've really been working on my photography skills around here, having great pictures for DIY's is a MUST. I thought I would share what has made the most difference to me. 

1. The magic white background
I was always frustrated because I didn't have a good clean white background to shoot on.  Then boom, I had some poster board for a project and realized it was the perfect background. Sometimes the best ideas are right in front of you right?

No one needs to know how messy your table is if you have a clean white space to take pictures on. Case in point.

2. Good Lighting
Take pictures by a window during the day ALWAYS. No grainy or dark pictures. 

 3. Be consistent. Find a style and stick with it. I like putting the title of the post on the first picture so its easy to understand what the DIY is about. Find what works for you!

Hope this helps!


Lobster Meets Peach said...

Love the wipe-board idea!!! With three active and messy kiddos this idea will be a life saver. Thanks!!!

Clare said...

Great ideas - it's about time someone explained it!

Chloe Moon said...

I definitely need to invest in a white background!! I lack surfaces that are not cluttered in my condo so this is a great idea!

Ergo - Blog

Nat said...

Great ideas! I need to pick up some white poster board for a white background

Laura @ Chaotic Domestic said...

Great tips! I always struggle when taking pictures when I do baking/cooking posts because I don't really care for my countertops and everything tends to blend in when I take those pictures. I'm going to try the posterboard idea.

Kate Sullivan Corpuz said...

Poster board- brilliant!

always, koru kate

Anna said...

Thanks so much for these ideas. I love your blog and your DIY projects. Thanks,


Anna said...

Thanks so much for these ideas. I love your blog and your DIY projects. Thanks,


Amanda said...

Great post! I recently invested in a new camera and need all the tips I can get. The white poster board, genius!

Hannah said...

Very helpful love! I recently figured out the white posterboard trick! I cringe at my old DIY pictures. It's scary!

Melissa said...

Awesome tips! I haven't done a DIY in a while but when I finally get around to it again I will be sure to "invest" in some white posterboard :) The daylight tip is key too. Good photos really do help!

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