Tuesday, March 19, 2013

lets talk face

This girl is my beauty inspiration. Light, fresh and freckles. I have major freckles that pop out as soon as the sun hits my skin and I love them. Rosy cheeks and defined blue eyes. Recently I've found a few skin tips that I've loving...
1. From the beauty expert herself Karolina Kurkova in the latest InStyle on how to treat a rouge pimple. Put toothpaste on it. It dries it right out and I swear it works like magic. 

2. BB cream. I was hesitant at first but I got this one in my Birchbox and its amazing. I'm skipping foundation now in place of it and it feels so good on your skin. 

3. My number one beauty product, Benefit Posie Tint. On lips and cheeks, it gives you a rosy glow that looks natural and stays on all day. A lot of days that and mascara are all I get to.  
4. This face scrub. My girl Alyssa wrote a great post on taking care of your face and I ran and grabbed some of the face scrub pronto.

What are your best beauty tips? I love hearing what others swear by


  1. I haven't made the switch to BB Cream yet and I should. I've been happily wearing Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Cream every day and when I want to step it up just a bit I throw some Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer on top and a dash of blush and higlighter. I'm a big fan of the light look. I haven't worn actual foundation since my wedding.

  2. I need to find a BB cream without sunscreen in it since cream sunscreens make me breakout. :( And I had totally forgotten about the toothpaste trick. It worked so well in highschool might have to try it again!

  3. I love the toothpaste trick! It really does work. I'll have to try that Benefit tint!

  4. I keep hearing such great things about BB cream, but I just haven't pulled the trigger yet. I think I'm worries about the coverage. Do you think it's comparable to foundaiton?

  5. Aw, thanks for the shout out girlfriend! Loved this post...I'm totally making that girl my makeup inspiration too. So fresh and pretty!

  6. Clairsonic. and anything by Tarte. They are the best.

  7. How much coverage does the BB cream give?? Been wanting to make the switch.. sometimes foundation is just too much!

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