Friday, April 19, 2013

be mine

I've been watching this dress for over a month, unsuccessfully waiting for it to come back in stock. Please be mine?
Actually if I'm wishing for something I'm going for this mara hoffman. STUNNING. 

I also think I should try to find a spot in my house for this fabric. Can you believe its only $25 a yd? 

Loving this look and trying to dig up a quilt to drape over my sofa.  
My salt shaker broke and I'm torn. I've wanted these for a long while now but I really enjoy my salt and pepper grinders. What to do?

Did you see the gorgeous apt that Whitney photographed and posted about? stunning.  

So glad you all like my how to wear a maxi: summer edition! I've worn one at 3 times this week so far. No shame. 

Happy Friday! I have some really exciting posts lined up for next week and I can't wait :-)


  1. That top dress is so cute–my birthday is coming up and it'd be fun for the party!

  2. Ohh wow I love that green fabric! I need some too! Thanks for sharing the home tour link :) xoxox

  3. Both the dresses are so pretty. Love the orange. Sooooo adorable. The green fabric is gorgeous. I love this type of grid pattern. And the quilt covered sofa looks so comfy.


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