Friday, April 26, 2013

Week in Review

This girl is ready for the weekend. Market week is always crazy with working 12 hour days and traveling and not getting back until 10 PM Wednesday night wiped me out. It was a great Market though, we all really got inspired and excited for the next season.  Its good to remember why you love what you do. 
First off, Christin's long awaited hair tutorial did not disappoint. Love you mean it girl.
Getting featured on Little Green Notebook for my emerald chest DIY made my week.
Favorite market outfit.
 And Rowan last night 'helped' plant our garden. So funny, she was digging right next to wear the guys were!
instagram: acreativedayblog



  1. I am so glad it is the weekend as well. I still can't get over the green chest! So gorgeous.

  2. i have puppy fever so bad! this pic isn't helping.


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