Tuesday, May 7, 2013

how I cook chicken without touching it.

Raw chicken grosses me out, can I get an amen? I know I'm being a baby but I can't bring myself to touch it. For those of us who would rather pay double for rotisserie chicken then have to cook it at home, I've found the answer. 
I buy chicken breasts at Publix, the more the better because I like to cook a lot and then freeze it in individual meal sizes. Then cut the package with a knife and use a fork to put the chicken in the crock pot. Add water or chicken stock and then sprinkle spices on it and then let it do its thing for 6 or so hours. Shred and freeze for meals.  Good recipe here. No touching see?
I made some last week and I'm using it to try this brown rice asian chicken, yum.


  1. I hate raw chicken too. This post me laugh. I actually rarely cook chicken and when I do I usually buy the already cooked rotiserre kind.

  2. I totally understand! Raw chicken completely grosses me out! But this does look so good ...
    xx lexi @ glitter, inc.

  3. Ahh raw meat/fish/anything slimy grosses me out! I'm all about the rotisserie kind if my husband isn't around to make it but that brown rice asian chicken looks delish!!!

  4. Ha ha! I do the exact same thing to cook my chicken. I also won't touch ground beef and have a little remedy for that as well involving ziploc bags as "gloves" :)

  5. oh yum!! and yes touching raw meat can be so gross

  6. Oh I do the same! I'm a vegetarian but the husband is not, so I have to cook meat, chicken and fish, and I can never touch it, it really grosses me out!

  7. Good idea! That food looks yummy!

  8. haha cracking up. I have this issue too. I once wanted to try to make a rotisserie chicken, I had to put on my dish gloves cause I didnt want my skin to touch it. Plus its like holding a baby!

    Needless to say I haven't tried since.


  9. AMEN - I couldn't agree more. I don't like touching it either. I love a post that gives you a good chuckle.


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