Thursday, May 9, 2013

How I keep my plants alive

 Plants make me so happy. They make a room feel alive. I have plants all over my house and I've gotten pretty good at keeping them alive and happy. I've had some people ask me how I keep them happy so I thought I would share my secret to remembering to water them.

Water all your plants at the same time. This makes it so you don't forget. I normally check my bigger plants like my fiddle every couple of weeks and they all tend to feel really dry around the same time if they are around the same size. I normally water my orchids every other time I water the bigger plants so everything stays on the same schedule. Same goes for smaller plants I water every week. Just keep everything on the same schedule and you won't forget about one. 

Orchids.  My favorite and I keep them blooming for months at at time. Water once a month or so, make sure they get some light and when you water them put them in the sink so they can drain out. I normally leave them in the sink all day so they thoroughly dry out and get some great sun. Easy right? I know some people mist their orchids with water bottles but my nursery said that wasn't necessary. 

Fiddle. Sometimes hard to keep happy but I think I've got it down. I keep it in good sun (see above) and I rotate the plant every other week so the opposite sides get more sun. I noticed my plant was getting black spots on the leaves not facing the window and rotating it seems to fix the problem. 

Hope this helps. Are you a green thumb or a black thumb?


  1. I walked away from a fiddle last week at Home Depot because I feared I would kill in no time. But know I think I will have to stop by and pick one up soon. Thanks for sharing this info!

  2. If I wrote this post, it would have been titled "How I don't keep plants alive." I'm terrible!

  3. BLACK. But I am glad to see this post bc I just got my first fiddle yesterday...wish me luck!

  4. I'm a black thumb. I just got a mother in law tongue and it's supposed to be crazy easy. Fingers crossed!

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  5. I need to show my mom this post - she will definitely appreciate it. She loves both orchids fiddles and just mastered both of these (the right amount of water and sun light)!

  6. BLACK! But thanks to your tips, I may become a little green!

  7. I have three orchids and am just barely keeping them alive. Letting them stand in the sink for a bit is key i think.


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