Monday, May 20, 2013

life lately

Life has been really good ya'll. 
Been obsessed with the a beautiful mess app.
First watermelon of the season and it was so good. 
Best friend time. Its never long enough. I miss you come back.
 New sconces for the kitchen before installation.
 Been doing pretty well on my yoga.
 Been spending lots of time out here.
My desk at my office has been scaring me a little.
 Was doing really well on my herb garden until Rowan decided she likes to eat parsley.
 Don't make me get up mom.
 Been wearing lots of stripes.
 We decided we are scared of the sprinkler.

 Best kind of date night.
 I'm so grateful, I really am. Especially for chocolate covered ice cream cones.
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  1. So many good things! That ice cream has me drooling! and why do dogs eat our plants??

  2. That cone looks AMAZING. Now I totally want one!

  3. rowan is getting to big! AH! that picture of her snuggled under the blanket is too cute!!! aaaand that hammock under the lights looks like summer perfection. JEALOUS.

  4. i love the shot of your hammock...did you just hang it directly from hooks you screwed into your tree? I've totally been wanting to do that, but didn't know if it would work. i guess it is solid wood...ha!

  5. @emily, we just screwed the hooks directly into the trunk of the tree and its not going anywhere! Super sturdy :-)

  6. Love the the beautiful mess app! Great photos Eileen!

  7. I love your new blog look! So cute!

    Also, I'm obsessed with chocolate covered ice cream cones and now I really want one seeing that picture! I've been known to drive around for an hour until I find a place that serves them... Oh well. :)


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