Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Phase 1: yard makeover is done. SO much better and Rowan approves. We went from this... 
overgrown with lots of leggy boxwoods that were taking over the front of the house and screamed "I'm a rental house." (you like the blurry picture? It was taken on a creeper walk by before we made an offer.)

To this: Clean and purposeful.
Rowan was obviously a big help. This was right before Luke told me to put the phone down and actually help him. Can't wait for everything to grow up and fill out.
I was surprised at how relatively inexpensive and simple it was to get a newly landscaped yard. I took a lot of time to draw out what I wanted (remember this?) and looked at proportion and variation. I wanted the house to balance out on the sides so we got a crepe myrtle for one side and balanced it out on the other side with a yew, which will grow up tall and skinny. I added in some foundation bushes (ones that will fill out nicely in front of the front of the house) and layered in some fatsia (my favorite!) for some height variation and some meadow sage to form a border with color. Meadow sage looks a  lot like lavender but supposedly does a lot better in our southern climate and is super hardy. We will see :-)
Its funny to me how all aspects of design relate to each other. I viewed it just as another room, played with colors and proportion and I feel like when everything grows up it will look well designed. fingers crossed.
I'm totally going to be reading Whitney's column for BHG for advice. Congrats girl! 


  1. You guys are doing such a great job–and I can't get over how cute your pup is!

  2. Nice work! I think you'll be surprised by how quickly things grow and start to fill in. We've put a lot of hard work into improving our landscaping as well, and the payoff is awesome. I'm sure your neighbours appreciate it too :)

  3. Cannot wait to see when all the plants start blooming. Thanks so much for sharing. This inspires me so much too! Have a wonderful day!

  4. Oh it looks so good Eileen! Such a cute little place! And by the way, love your blog's new look! :)


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