Tuesday, June 11, 2013

In which I wear lipstick.

I've never been a lipstick girl. I normally swipe on some lip-stain and chapstick and call it a day. But all the cool girls are doing it so I decided to go for it. Feeling bold, I went to ulta and picked the most vibrant shade of coral and swiped it on. Call me crazy but it kinda looks like I'm just wearing chapstick. Total fail. What's the cool girl secret?


  1. Lol Eileen this post was so funny. It may not be the punchiest lipstick, but you still look fab. You're one of the cool girls for sure. xo

  2. haha, love it!


  3. Looks great!!!

    And hey, you may not wear lipstick but at least you have the balls to take pictures of yourself and post them on here!

    I haven't gotten that far!!


  4. That color may be subtle, but it's pretty! Have you tried a red lipstick yet? I feel like my red lipstick is bright at first but it fades into a softer red by the end of the night.

  5. HAAA, love it. The cool girl secret: is buying a lot of dud lipstick until you find one that actually makes you look cool. Take it from a wannabe cool girl ;)

    xx, Bubbly in Brooklyn

  6. Have you tried Laura Mercier in 'Crimson Tint'? I love it bc it gives my lips color without being too dark or feel too heavy. Jenny from LGN recommended it on her blog a while ago, now if that's not a cool girl I don't who is : ))
    Hope that helps!



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