Tuesday, June 18, 2013

my favorite instagram users

I know you are as addicted to the world of instagram as I am. I'm on instagram more then any other social media platform, by a long shot! Mackenzie's post with her favorite 12 users (that I'm totally following now) inspired me to round up my favorite in hopes that you can find someone new to follow. 
taza- Probably my top favorite. Naomi, from the rockstar diaries, is just a major girl crush all the way around.
sydneyliann- girls got mad style
natalie_merrillyn - so fun to see updates from living in london
bleubird - James has such a gorgeous way to capture everyday moments and fabulous friends that frequently pop up
sincerelykinsey- best DIY blogger and photographer
valerie_aya- new to me but the girl has a unique way to pull together a fabulous outfit
elsiecake - who doesn't love a beautiful mess?

What are your favorite users? Would love to add them to my ongoing list! Leave in comments below :-)


  1. I follow a lot of these ladies–they certainly make instagram a prettier place!

  2. Thank you so much for including me, Eileen! Checking out the others now.

  3. I LOVED this post when Mackenzie did it and now I love it even more!

    Thanks for all the intros!


  4. This was a great idea for a post! I am obsessed with Instagram. I barely use Facebook anymore... Thanks for sharing your favorites, I am totally going to check them all out now.



  5. Ooooohhhhh, I love a good Instagram round-up! Some of these ladies are new to me, so thanks for sharing.

    xx, Bubbly in Brooklyn


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