Monday, June 10, 2013

MY HOUSE: kitchen update

Here's the kitchen story. It was bad when we moved in, like bad. Check the old builder cabinets, vinyl flooring, oddly placed boob lights (doesn't everyone call them boob lights?) and bad hardware.
We are planning on majorly redoing the kitchen after a couple of years but for right now I just couldn't live with it for the meantime. So I'm doing a no-budget makeover to tide me over.

 Painted the existing cabinets grey and added new hardware.
 I painted everything. The walls, cabinets and ceiling. I even painted the lone white window black to match the original iron windows. Said bye to the boob lights and add new pendants.

Painted the back door agate green to match the windows we put up in the window.
 Favorite part of the house. 
So that is where I am at so far, next step is to rip up the linoleum and paint the wood floors underneath. The wood floors are in bad shape so staining isn't an option so I'm excited to get crazy with a pattern. 
No money reno- that's how we roll around here.


  1. Inspiring! We are house hunting right now and everything in our price range will need renos and I need to be able to do them on a tight budget.

  2. I love how even these little changes make a difference. It's so much better already!

    p.s. I totally call them boob lights too!

  3. Small changes can make a big difference!

  4. You're very talented missy!


  5. all such great ideas! excited to see what you do with the floors!

  6. Amazing how that little bit of black paint for the window really makes it pop - such a great idea!

  7. it looks great! i would also have to do a no money reno.

  8. no money reno sounds good to me too! our kitchen is teeny tiny but we won't be able to redo it for at least a year or two. i should at least change out the knobs. thanks for the inspiration!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  9. What a big difference a couple small changes can make!?! can't wait to see more;)

  10. Love love love Eileen! Such great touch-ups. It's always nice to have pretty kitchen I think!


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