Wednesday, June 12, 2013

petite and wearing a maxi

Being petite and wearing a maxi can be tricky. Its easy to look shapeless when you are only 5'2. But I think I've figured out how to pull it off. 
1. Tuck it in. Always

2. Wear it high on your waist. (chambray outfit post) I used to try to wear it low and it just made me look shapeless. Wearing it higher makes you look taller and accentuates the smallest part of your waist.
3. Knot it. I like doing this when I'm having a fat day and don't want to tuck anything in. (maxi skirt outfit

4. Belt it. (maxi skirt outfit)
Petite girls do it right. 


  1. Cute! :)

    Love ya!
    ~Anna (

  2. These are great tips! I'm short too, so I always have a hard time wearing a maxi!

  3. You always look so great!
    I need to shop with you ... I can never find cute maxi skirts!

  4. i love maxi skirts but i feel like they are all too long! i had one i loved but it's now too big. i can't find anything similar.

  5. I find it hard to wear some of my maxi skirts for the same reasons, but will have to try all of these! You should link up with MarionBerry Style on Wednesday for trend of the month all about maxi dresses/skirts this week - perfect timing! :)

  6. I've been loving the maxi look, but thought I could never wear one because I'm too short. Now maybe I'll try it - thanks!

  7. I can relate to your short girls do maxi's ! It's such a great trend but it's difficult for us petite ladies!
    Have a great day thanks for sharing !

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