Monday, June 17, 2013

the weekend

You like this look? In my paint booth ready to go. I stole Luke's hat to protect my hair, I learned the hard way that paint sprayers used with oil based paint goes everywhere and doesn't come out for days. Respirators are sexy btw.
We had such a great birthday weekend, we had friends over on Friday evening for barbeque, on Saturday we grilled steaks and then Luke took me to my favorite dessert place for turtle cheesecake. 
 Steak and pancetta cheezy orzo. Don't think we could eat more meat in one meal. It was so good.
Oh and this gem with Dad, me and the baby sis looking fly. 
instagram: acreativedayblog


  1. Haha that mask is intense! Better safe than sorry :)

  2. you're adorable in your painting get-up! and so brave for wielding the sprayer...i'd love to try it but am a bit intimidated!

  3. Oh my goodness that hat on you is hilarious! :)


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