Wednesday, July 17, 2013

pinterest recipes for the win.

Pinterest won twice in my house over the weekend. When I say that this biscuit chicken pot pie is the best thing I have ever put in my mouth, I mean it. Love that it doesn't have any "cream of anything" soups and it was easy to put together. Find recipe here, smells like home.I cheated by not making my own biscuits from scratch, totally worth it. 
 I want these pancakes as I'm typing this. SO good and only 4 ingredients. Luke agreed, best pancakes we have made. 
Thanks pinterest, I knew I wasted all those hours on you for a good reason :-)


  1. yes! I will be trying these pancakes on Saturday morning! pancakes are just another legit reason to have Nutella for breakfast :)

  2. omg the pancakes look amazing!!!

  3. can't wait to try the pot pie! goes perfectly with our chilly weather this week :)

  4. Ok those pancakes look so easy and delicious!


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