Monday, July 29, 2013

weekend recap

We had the best time at the lake for Luke's birthday. This girl was hilarious and liked floating in her own float.

We had firepit time Friday night and spend most of the day Saturday in the water surrounded by friends and family. Reminds you of what's important you know?
This guy fished and Rowan 'helped'.
Little girl in heaven. We all slept and rested a lot of the day Sunday and saw Pacific Rim and it was AWESOME. Bet you didn't know I like guy movies and scifi the best? Yep.
Happy Monday ya'll, lets do this. 


  1. oooh that face! Miss you lil cousin Rowan! Come visit Murray, we have a fence now!

  2. I had a bonfire this weekend (my FIRST of the summer, I can't even believe it) and it was soooo nice. It just screamed summer!

  3. girl gimme that puppy stat. rowan is the CUTEST.

  4. Sounds like you had such an amzing time!

  5. looks amazing!

    Rowans such a cutie!



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