Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Where I've been

This past week has been just what the doctor ordered. We spent some time in my favorite city, Greenville, with best friends, my brother was in town and then we headed to the gulf. We went to Navarre, a little beach town on a barrier key outside Pensacola and it was AMAZING. The beach goes for miles and miles and because there was so much space, no crowded beaches.
 See what I mean, miles and miles. I'm very much enjoying game of thrones btw.
 no words.

It rained some and we saw the craziest storm roll in. Soo cool.
 Beach trip date night.
 This guy.
 Yoga with Rowan is always more fun.
 My parents kept our little one while we were at the beach and we were so happy to get her back yesterday. I literally have about 5 loads of laundry to do so I'll see you tomorrow.


  1. Looks like you had tons of fun :) Love the color of the water

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Greenville. Spent my summer there last year interning :)


  3. So jealous of this fun getaway!

  4. Sounds like a beautiful, restful vacation - so important! Welcome back :)

  5. Sounds like fun and definitely looks like a beautiful place!

  6. The beach is always theraputic. Glad you got some time away


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