Thursday, August 29, 2013

chambray to work

I scored the mother-load of chambray at Old Navy a couple of weeks ago. They were having their 30% off everything sales that they have every month and I got something crazy  like 3 shirts and 2 dresses (all chambray) for $50.  Too much? Maybe.
Wearing it to work is one of my favorite things and I thought I would show one of the ways I like to style it to the office or client meeting. 
You can't go wrong with a striped skirt and a jcrew necklace.

Also am I the only one who realized they had been rolling their sleeves the wrong way? Thank you jcrew for fixing that.

Thankfully now since I have about 10 different chambray shirts so I should only have to do laundry once every week and a half.


  1. Love it paired with a fun statement necklace!

  2. SO cute! This has inspired me to wear my chambray top with a pair of striped shorts I have!

  3. I totally approve of this outfit.

    And love walking out of Old Navy with 100 things under $100.



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