Monday, August 12, 2013

instagram and beauty

I heart instagram. It's by far my favorite form of social media. I can't tell you how long its been since I've been on twitter and I'm on facebook way less than instagram. Seeing beautiful sneak peeks into people's lives is way fun. And I know that a lot of people hate on instagram because they think that people only post the most beautiful versions of their surroundings and its so 'edited'. Maybe that is true, but life is beautiful and good and finding that beauty in the everyday is a gift. When I stop to take a photo of the twinkle lights outside our favorite coffee shop it reminds me to really look at the lights. It reminds me to focus on the beauty. 
What are your favorite instagram accounts? Recently I've been loving ascotfriday , ash_parsons, garypeppergirl and my favorite herwelshness. Lindsay from herwelshness is the most encouraging person I've ever 'met' in the instagram world. She pours out love and reminders that God is bigger and more beautiful then we can imagine. Every post seems to speak exactly to what I need to hear.
btw, my instagram is acreativedayblog


  1. I am just getting started on instagram too and I love it :)

  2. I'm insta obsessed too! I am so over social media haters talking about how fake everything is. What is wrong in highlighting the pretty?! Love Ascot Friday.

  3. I LOVE instagram and like you have TOTALLY neglected twitter for it. I actually spoke to my companies social media director about it, he's feeling it too.

    Love you sharing more people to follow!



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