Tuesday, August 20, 2013

lets talk shop

Let's get to know each other. I always love when other bloggers do these posts so I figured we should try it out. So here we go... 

1. Favorite craving: Donuts. Krispy Kreme hot and ready to be exact. We buy a dozen a least once a month and I eat most of them. 
2. Favorite daily ritual.
Almost every night I take a shower, slather on Aveeno stress relief lotion and get in bed and watch "friends." Sometimes when I'm a work I daydream about being home getting ready for bed. Weird?
3. Biggest pet peeve.
Wasting my time.
4. Where do you think everyone should travel at least once in their lifetime?
Cinque Terra. My favorite place on the planet.
5.  Favorite food. 
Amazing antipasti plate. I'm talking lots of cheese, baquette, salami... I'm drooling
6. Guilty Pleasure
I drink a glass of wine 5 (ok 6) nights a week and anything Real Housewives.
7. Weirdest habit
Ok not really weird but I sleep 10 hours a night. Regularly. 

Comment below with your answers and lets get to know each other :-)


  1. Ummm...what is Cinque Terra?! Never heard of it and seriously need to go it sounds like! My favorite guilty pleasure is also wind, red to be exact. My favorite place that everyone should visit is Carmel, CA. Okay, I forget the other questions, but there's a few...loved hearing about you! Oh, and I love your studio and desk reveal! So awesome!

  2. 1. Craving-cherry coke
    2. Ritual-retucking the sheets before I get in bed, I love that "new sheets" feeling.
    3. Pet Peeve-mosquitos
    4. Travel-somewhere to see the sunset over the ocean
    5. Fav food-Mac n' cheese
    6. Guilty pleasure-Velveeta
    7. Habit-neti pot (I'm addicted).

    wow, I just realized this makes me sound super strange. :)

  3. So fun! Here are my answers:

    1. Favorite craving: Pasta. Preferably slathered with cheese
    2. Favorite daily ritual: Probably going to bed, like you. I light my favorite candle and read for 20 minutes to decompress.
    3. Biggest pet peeve: Someone who is rude. Also, slow walkers in NYC.
    4. Where do you think everyone should travel at least once in their lifetime? Florence–MY favorite place on the planet :)
    5. Favorite food: God, this is hard–I like every food ever! Probably really good wood-fire pizza though. I'll never get sick of it.
    6. Guilty Pleasure: Totally Scandal. I'm re-watching the second season now! Oh, OR that new ABC Family "reality" show The Vineyard. It's so bad, but so good.
    7. Weirdest habit: This is super strange: I have to have things on even numbers ALL the time. Volumes, air conditioner temps, etc.

  4. love this idea- may have to do one of these!
    A few of my answers :

    favorite craving: POPCORN! all the time.
    biggest pet peeve: people being late.
    weirdest habit: always having things be even numbers- like the radio volume being an even #!

  5. LOVE this!

    1. Currently: Starbucks Chai Latte
    2. A good work out
    3. Too many to name
    4. LONDON
    5. A big bowl of soup, any kind
    6. Television
    7. Needing the TV volume to end in 0 or 5

  6. Love Friends reruns! And I am doing a recap on my trip Cinque Terre today on the blog! :)

  7. Doughnuts are definitely a big one for me too! I think I want some right now :P

  8. @Casey thanks so much for your comment and reading along!! LOVED little rock it's such a fun place! Downtown is gorgeous and I just wish I had time to hit up the farmers market I heard its amazing!

  9. 10 hours?!?!!?! i can't remember the last time i slept for 10 hours! that's amazing, girl.

  10. How fun!

    1. Currently, Pastrami Parisian from LaBaguette(changes every few months).
    2. Laying in bed in my towel, after my shower reading emails on my ipad.
    3. Bad and or inconsiderate drivers.
    4. The pyramids.
    5. Anything with avocado and pepper jack.
    6. A beer with expensive weekday lunches.
    7. I rub my eyebrows when I am tired.

  11. this is really fun :) my answers are:
    1. Favorite craving: anything with salted caramel
    2. Favorite daily ritual: I hate dirty feet - every night before I get in bed, I wash my feet in the bath!
    3. Biggest pet peeve: i hate when i am sitting and someone is standing over me literally "talking down" to me. im weird i know.
    4. Where do you think everyone should travel at least once in their lifetime? Israel!
    5. Favorite food: sushi sushi sushi! or a big old carby pasta dinner :)
    6. Guilty Pleasure: every 2 weeks, on payday, i take myself out to lunch by myself to my favorite nearby sushi bar and treat myself!
    7. Weirdest habit: hmmm. i like when my boyfriend touches my right foot when we are on the couch watching tv... so weird.

  12. Favorite craving: Chocolate Chex but only at night before bed!
    Biggest Pet Peeve: People who walk slow
    Weirdest Habit: I always read a magazine starting from the last page.

  13. Favorite Craving - Chocolate or Twizzlers
    Favorite Daily Ritual - My morning coffee
    Biggest Pet Peeve - People telling how to feel (ex. "you're not sorry," etc)
    Where you Should Travel - Any third world country you just need to see it
    Favorite Food - Pasta
    Guilty Pleasure - Sweets honestly
    Weirdest Habit - Um I kiss the roof of my ceiling while going under yellow lights for luck? Is that weird? haha

  14. I 100% agree with the Cinque Terre - most beautiful place ever.


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