Tuesday, August 6, 2013

my bathroom has a pink ceiling.

Our bathroom is getting a color (read: cheap) makeover. When we moved it was the ugly yellow tan the rest of the house was and it didn't take long for me to paint it grey, except for the ceiling that was also the bad yellow. We lived with grey walls and a tan ceiling for about 2 months before I finally did something about it. 
 Thats a PINK ceiling ya'll. The only place Luke would let me paint pink :-) I have a fun project up my sleeve involving a custom shower curtain we are going to DIY that I'll show you after its done. 

I think my favorite is I painted the edge of the door the same pink and its such a fun detail, especially off our navy hallway

I used a couple samples of the premixed valspar samples Berry Blush and it covered well. 


  1. I've seen doors painted like that on Pinterest before, and always thought it was so fun. Love yours combined with the navy!

  2. I LOVE the door!


  3. it looks so cool! I love the idea

  4. it looks so great!! so fun - and love the edge of the door too, it's too cute.


  5. Oh so fun Eileen. The pink gives it a fantastic pop of color!


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