Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Recap of our trip

We got back from Arkansas last night and I'm still recovering. My brother is in the Air Force as you know and he is being deployed soon so we roadtripped out to Little Rock to get some hang out time in before he leaves. We had the BEST time and the most amazing thing was being able to go on base and visit his plane. Seeing what he actually does day to day was incredible. 
 Luke wasn't coming because of work and surprised me last minute that he was actually coming with us. Made my day, I hate leaving him!
We took in a minor league game and I realized how much I missed ball park food. Nachos, hot dogs and elephant ears? Yes please. 
All our photos of the plane turned out super dark.. but it was so cool.
Trying on a harness.
 Little rock was gorgeous.
 We were so happy to pick up our little one on the way home.. and this photo series was hilarious.


  1. love your little guy



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