Thursday, August 15, 2013

Throwback Thursday: favorite posts

Here's a throwback to some of my favorite posts ever here on the blog. I've been doing this since January 2010 and I shudder when I look back to the first posts before I learned how to size images and 'gasp' get the lighting correct. On the other hand, having this little blog has been a journal for me through starting my job, moving 3 times, getting a dog, traveling and Luke living in Canada for 4 months. Its pretty fun to look back and I'm grateful to have it. 
Favorite home DIY: DIY framed agate
Favorite Fashion DIY: DIY pom pom tee
Favorite Painting DIY: My old home tour

Favorite Guest Post I've done: DIY scarf
Way Flashback: DIY chevron drapes. My old apartment, so IKEA everything haha!

Favorite Misspelling. This happens all the time but this one got immortalized in a blog post on my chalkboard table. Lets all go do some 'laundy"

Favorite Guest Post on my blog: Gaby's DIY gold painted napkins are so fun! 
Favorite Birthday: Spent my 25th in Canada watching whales
 Throwback Thursday isn't just for facebook and instagram anymore.


  1. Love a little #tbt! Isn't that what is so great bout blogging? It's like a journal and so easy to look back.

  2. Love the diy chevron wall painting :)

  3. Your diy's are amazing. Such talent. Can't wait to see what's next!

  4. Such great posts! I want those napkins!

    xoxo Shauna

    ps. I just started a blog this week and would love if you checked it out :)


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