Friday, September 27, 2013

fall weekends

Its hard to beat fall weekends. This gorgeousness makes me realize we need to plan a lake weekend soon. We are heading to our alma mater for homecoming tomorrow, go Tigers! The weather is supposed to be perfect, 75 and sunny and I can't wait to tailgate and be in Clemson. 

I'm making this pimento cheese and its amazing. I don't eat mayo so I do all greek yogurt and add extra worcestershire sauce for more of a kick. Its delicious.
We are planning a big work weekend next weekend and I'm already getting excited to get the fireplace painted and maybe rip up the linoleum in the kitchen (!!!). 
What are you doing this weekend? Anyone headed to check out some college football?


  1. I love that first photo! Looks like such a serene place

  2. I do love autumn, especially weekends because I get to spend them with my boyfriend and than we drink some tea and enjoy life together :)


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