Wednesday, September 4, 2013

favorite 'no sew' projects

Sometimes it's funny checking your stat tracker and seeing what drives people to your site. One thing that people consistently Google and find a creative day through is my no-sew projects. You know my sewing prowess is limited to hem tape, but I've been pretty successful with it. I thought I would round up my favorite no-sew projects for y'all.. some of them are old!
 My favorite no-sew project to date is this ottoman for my bar cart area in my old apartment. There isn't a DIY post yet for this because *wink wink* I'm working on two more for my house now and have a great DIY post planned.
 A lot of people find my blog through this no-sew table skirt DIY how-to post I did back in our old old apartment. I'm still using it in our house now and its held up great!
 I also covered some Ikea end tables in this DIY how to post...
 And I still love this no sew roman shade I did in our old apartment. I was sad to leave it behind!
Thank you hem tape, you make life better for those of us who are scared by a sewing machine.


  1. I love the no sew roman shade! cute ideas

  2. That ottoman is so lovely! And simple!

  3. can you tell us how you did/where you go that amazing bar cart table too?


  4. Just a heads up (in case you didn't know)...

    Your gold leafed books were totally featured on Apartment Therapy today...


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