Monday, September 2, 2013

the brand market / I'm going!

Happy Labor Day! We are at the lake and soaking up the last of the summer, what about you?
When I heard about the launch of The Brand Market by some of my favorite ladies... Anna and the ladies of Maiedae - I jumped at the chance and am going to the Greenville workshop and I think you should too! Can't wait to work on my brand with these talented girls. I've been tempted by Alt but can't justify the expense yet so this is the perfect way to get inspired and learn a lot but its only a day trip. Come on girls lets have a blogger's date surrounded by pretty things and lots of inspiration!


  1. That sounds really cool and I love Greenville!

  2. I may need to plan a trip back home that weekend ;)

  3. Oh I want to go so bad!!! A great conference in my town. And I'd love to meet you! I've already paid for two conferences this year, so I don't know if this is in the budget or not, but gosh I'd love to go...


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