Wednesday, September 11, 2013

the well stocked bar

I love displaying my favorite glassware and am always on the lookout for new additions. I have a lot of room to display too with my open shelving in my kitchen and my bar area. A well stocked bar is a necessity!
I'm on the lookout for some new fun glasses and 1 always love looking at Ikea. They have fun cheap options which makes it easy to switch out (read: I break glasses all the time and I like drinking my beer in a cocktail glass. Weird?)
I rounded up a few of my favorites to look at when I head up to Ikea in the next couple of weeks, blue circles / circles / carafe / white / ice cube trays. How simple and fun is that carafe?


  1. Ikea always has great items. Venturing to my local store has been on my list for awhile!

  2. Oh Ikea. Those glasses are simply marvelous! So fun!

  3. The ice "stick" tray (in black here) is great for water bottles!

  4. I'm waiting for the day when I can get a bar cart to stock with all sorts of goodies! Love this!


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