Monday, September 16, 2013

weekend life

Life has been pretty great lately. If you follow me on instagram (acreativedayblog) you might have seen most of these... but they were too cute not to share.
 Happiest and most beautiful babe on the plant. I'm in love. Ya'll, she laughs all day long... and best friend time was so wonderful.
I love when Riley shops for me, she has the best eye of anyone I know. She found this fabric which is completely PERFECT for my curtains in my kitchen. I have it propped against my back door so you can see how amazing it is with the colors in there.
 Does it count as an outfit pic if I'm laying on the couch?
 This little girl was so happy that it felt like fall this weekend.
 The most blooms I've ever had on one orchid, 12! So beautiful. Other then heading up to Charlotte on Friday, we were around here this weekend and it was wonderful. I got some fun projects done to share, so stay tuned this week :-)


  1. That little one is too cute! Glad things are going well :)


  2. Cute baby! And love your couch outfit post

  3. i'm pretty sure couch outfit posts are better than normal ones.


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