Monday, October 14, 2013

apple picking

First I have to say I'm sorry for not responding to all ya'lls comments recently. Every single comment makes my day (for real!) and I really mean to respond to them all.It drives me crazy when other bloggers don't respond after I take the time to comment and now I'm doing that!  I could give excuses... but we all are busy. All I want to say is I'm going to do better I promise. Thanks for reading, you guys are why I do this!
Luke and I went apple picking on Saturday and it was perfect. The weather was 70 and sunny and the mountains couldn't have been more gorgeous. We took Rowan and she loved every minute of it except when she got carsick and threw up in the car 3 times. Does anyone else have a dog that does that? High maintenance for reals.
My dates. Granny Smith's were in season, my favorite! and I can't wait to make some caramel apples and an apple torte this week.
Its going to be a good week ya'll. Our anniversary is this Friday and we are heading up to the mountains to celebrate. I'm so excited :-)


  1. I keep seeing apple picking adventures! Looks like so much fun and so fall festive! Happy Anniversary this week!

  2. stoppp you guys are SO CUTE!! hope you guys have a good anniversary!

  3. Looks like you had so much fun!Love the plaid shirt

  4. So fun and happy almost anniversary!


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