Thursday, October 24, 2013

DIY dip-dyed burlap table runner

This is one of my favorite DIY's to date. It was such an easy (cheap!) project and looks super expensive. I used this tutorial from sweet paul make

Here's the how to:
 I started with boiling water, Rit royal blue dye and some burlap I had left over. I cut the burlap down and left the edges rough. Mix up the dye according to the instructions.
 Wet and roll up the burlap...
 Then dip in the dye as many times as you need to get the color you want. I went for a more ombre look by soaking the ends more than I did the middle. Then rinse out the dye until it runs clear. Repeat on other side. Rinse then let dry and you are done!


  1. lovely! can I just say that I love that the tutorial on Sweet Paul refers to the rolled up material as "sausage". It honestly did make me laugh out loud (ask my coworker!)

  2. Looks so good! I did the same thing with my curtain panels, with the same dye but it turned out purple! So jealous of your color.

  3. Love this and have some burlap...I'm so doing this! And can I tell you that I was just thinking the other day how I'm looking forward to your amazing holiday diy's to begin. Not sure if this qualifies as holiday, but I'll take it, and I'm sure there's lots more goodness coming our way, via your super creative mind. Can't wait! :)

  4. This is such a cool idea! I also love the color you chose

  5. What a great DIY for a unique table runner! Love how yours turned out with the ombre effect!


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