Wednesday, October 9, 2013

etsy art source + sneak peek + guest posting

People ask me all the time where I got my giant piece of art from our old dining room. Its huge and gorgeous and one of my favorite things in my house. 
We bought it from an artist on Etsy named Destiny, her shop is called wostudios and she is crazy talented and affordable. I love buying originals and etsy is such a great place to look for talent that I can actually afford. 
They say art is personal and its so true. Her technique is so original and I was (and still am) drawn to everything she creates. I would have 2 or 3 more pieces if I could! 
Would you buy it? 

Also I'm over at designPOST interiors taking part of sweet Beth's series take two! Make sure you head over and check it out.... I did a fun little DIY for washi tape books. Oh and you get a sneak peek at my newly painted fireplace :-) Check it out here!


  1. wow! I love her artwork, stunning! Off to check out her site!

  2. Etsy is hands down the best place to get artwork and prints. I love discovering new shops!

  3. Thanks for a new art source! And thanks a million for your guest post!

  4. I love that blue piece! Gorgeous


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