Tuesday, October 22, 2013

italian recipes from my time studying abroad.

When I studied abroad in Italy we lived in a villa and my bedroom looked out over the Mediterranean. Rough life right? We had an Italian chef who came in every morning and made lunch and dinner for us. She was awesome, barely spoke any English and fussed at us if we didn't put her bowls up exactly where she wanted. She taught us how to make gnocchi by hand and her tiramisu and pesto are still the best I've ever had. Before we moved back to the states we got her to write down a few recipes for us and I've saved them for 6 years. I recently found my copies and I pulled them out and am planning on framing them for my kitchen. Its such a fun memory to have and I'm so glad I held on to the recipes for so long!


  1. I use the exact same recipe, I just switch pine nuts for almonds :)delicious!

  2. I heard a story on NPR recently about how the Pine Nuts in Italy aren't the same as the US, what is sold in the US is pignolia (sp?) nuts because real Italian Pine Nuts are very rare and expensive. I'm curious if when you make it, you notice a difference in the taste?

  3. Yum! This sounds delish! I am all about pesto!


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