Thursday, October 31, 2013

the easiest way to paint a brass chandelier

I've painted a few brass chandeliers for clients lately so I've developed a pretty easy way to get it done fast. 

I started out with this lovely chandelier, check out the old fabric covered cord... my allergies were going crazy trying to get all that dust off! Rowan liked it though. 

The easiest way to paint it is to hang it up. This way you can twist the chandelier as you paint and you can get all the crevices. We used our ladder, a handy tree branch and a 1x4.
 Start painting. Instead of trying to paint each arm one at a time, I paint only the right side of each arm while spinning it. Then switch to the left... then the top, then the bottom. This way you don't get drips from overspraying any one area and you are sure you cover all angles.
 Halfway done shot. The candle covers were in really bad shape so I left them on to protect the electrical while I painted. If the candle covers are in good shape I take them off and use painters tape to project the electrical. 
I used the same paint I used on this mirror I painted for our dining room and it turned out so fun!


  1. did you use a primer and what paint did you use? I've been hoarding an old brass chandelier for a few years just waiting for the right room!

  2. I absolutely LOVE the color you choose to do this with–my parents have an old brass chandelier in their house...I want to convince them to do this!

  3. whoa holy gorgeous! please share updates once it's installed...would love to see the space it's going :)

  4. Oh my gosh. And it turned out so beautifully! Love that shade of blue.


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