Wednesday, November 13, 2013

my house // kitchen drapes

We got our kitchen drapes hung over the weekend and I LOVE them. Luke loves them because they are insulating our single pane iron windows I won't let him change out.
Our little kitchen nook is one of the reasons I loved this house so much. The ceiling drops and it feels so cozy. This is where a corner banquette and my tulip table is going remember? The length is finished at the window sill because the corner banquette will sit up against the window. We also DIY'd the hardware for here, I didn't want to buy a custom rod for just one window and I HATE extendable rods, the drapes always catch on the seam!
 We had some self returning brackets left over from a job and cut down some electrical conduit from Home Depot. Luke found a fitting that joined 2 1/2" pieces that worked with the rod and the bracket width. Then I spray painted.
 Design trick. If your drapes are rubbing the paint off the rod, rub some dove soap on the top where the grommets hit the rod. Problem solved and your drapes will close easier.


  1. ah! that hardware is fantastic!
    did you put the grommets in yourself? if so, can you share that DIY? puh-leeeez.

  2. They look SO good! And iron windows are the best...I super miss having them! :)

  3. Love your clever rod solution and those windows are to die for! Did you happen to share your fabric source? It looks like it could be a good option for a client's family room.

    Great job, Eileen!

  4. Perfection! Can't wait to see more of the nook (I know, I'm sure you can't wait for it to be finished :)). Those windows are so gorgeous. Single panes here too, but without nearly as much character!!


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