Thursday, November 21, 2013


I am such a big fan of printstagram. Such an easy to use site and so many special ways to use your instagram photos. We thought about using their greeting cards for our christmas cards and I LOVE the idea of making a book for loved ones. We ordered the 20x30 poster size which fit perfectly (after I trimmed the border down) the grey high gloss ribba.  I'm thinking Christmas gifts so act surprised Mom when you get one for Christmas.  
Have you ordered from them and what is your favorite product?
Disclaimer: They aren't paying me or anything (they probably should be HA) I just really believe in the product and I love supporting creative businesses.)


  1. LOVE them! I have prints, stickers, and a calendar from there! plus their customer service is the best. I am SO going to have to get one of those posters - yours looks amazing!


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